I watched the news and became full of dread,
I went to sleep with all my worries in my head,
I dreamed of a mosquito on my arm that said,
I am politics to infect you with Zika Virus,
Except I’m overwhelmed by war frog threatening to nuke us,
Frog said, money crow is crashing the market in a fuss,
Money crow said obesity cat wants to eat my face,
Obesity cat said, I’m being cased,
By a crazy wolf all over the place,
I looked at them all wanting to inflict harm,
I can’t do anything about war, viruses or GMO farms,
But I sure can flick this *** mosquito off of my arm.

‘I call this “perspective” – Do what you can with all your heart, pray and other things will sort themselves out.

Discovering Sooz

Im lying awake… Finding the world the most overhoverwhelming place. Reading the news is too much. The world is terrifying and the media exacerbates that beyond any reasonable belief. I end up worrying about worrying. . I know, worrying doesnt help anything.

Maybe if I write a few of my worries down then… A problem shared, and all that!

Obviously the incoming American President has caused almost a tsunami of hate, changes and all round unrest. It scares me, theres so many changes and people agreeing to things which are, in my mind utterly ridiculous. The media obviously reports it in such a way to get maximum sympathy to the side of the cause they think most deserves it.

War is a daily worry and has been for a long time. I worry how we would ever cope. The country has changed so much since the second world…

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Deliberate creation of multiple personalities by psychiatrists

Fran in an interview with Dr. Heiser said, “Dr. Colin Ross wrote an article online called “Project Bluebird.” What he showed was that there was a deliberate creation of multiple
personalities by psychiatrists and Ivy League researchers and scientists early on
under Project Bluebird, which is a governmental project. This level is not backyard “I want to hurt someone and make their life miserable.” This is a Luciferian (which would be more elitist, brilliant people) effort to almost try to push humans past being just normal human beings, having emotions, etc., to have them be super-humans. You see it in our science fields. You see it in our psychology fields. You see it in the research of
the genetics of transhumanism—genetic splicing, which is always to make us
more than human and god-like in a Gnostic view.”

Project Bluebird

Manchurian Candidate Projects

MKULTRA Subprojects Involving Children

Programmed assassins The Black Awakening


Project Bluebird, Manchurian Candidate Project, MKUltra,

Feelings can get you in big trouble


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Feelings don’t think. When we lead with our feelings by letting our feeling lead us, we usually regret it. Use them as gauges but do not be guided by them. You can trust peacefulness! It rarely steers you wrong. When we are calm and peaceful we make better decisions. It is the most tempting to lead with feelings when our emotions are the most sensitive or vulnerable, i.e. pre-cycle, PMS or PMDD times. It would be an interesting statistic to know how many break-ups and divorces were decided during these times.

Use the Feeling Wheel (p.143) as a reference for the reject and replace exercise. I feel hostile – I want to feel creative; I feel depressed – I want to be appreciated; I feel ashamed – I want to feel hopeful; I feel hurt – I want to feel respected; I feel critical – I want to feel trusting; I feel angry – I want to feel energetic. I imagine myself creative, appreciated, hopeful, respected, trusting and energetic and I feel better!

Roots of Deception


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I experience the power of deception in the second grade. I discovered that my mother had fabricated an elaborate construct of some mythical character that would sneak toys into our home for me once a year. I had my suspicions leading up to finding out but since I was convinced that my mother would not lie to me, I worked all of the physics and theology out in my head so that there were no conflicts. Once a friend of my mother’s slipped and she was forced to tell me the truth, I had to go back and rethink each of those conflicts and set them right in my belief system. On that day, I stopped trusting my mother and turned more to my father. I felt like a fool when I realized others knew and had not told me. The second experience was when my father told me that he was leaving my mother, that someone else made him happier, that this person was smarter and more cultured than my mother. My thought were, how could he do this to me/us and how could he be building a life outside of the one he was pretending to have? Now I could not trust my dad and wondered how many people in our small town knew about his deception. The third time was after divorce proceedings when my ex husband’s friends called to share with me about his drug dealing and cheating. I knew I was being deceived by my ex but I had no idea that it was to that extent. For ten years, these friends had eaten at my table, visited in my living room and played me for the fool. The fourth time is much the same. People have been coming in and out of my home, perhaps laughing behind my back, feeling sorry for me or afraid of my reaction. Did they think I would fall apart, stop being a Christian, abandon my family or ‘curse God and die’?There is a saying, We are as sick as our secrets. I hope that I have never kept a secret about anyone. I know I have taken the hits for telling individuals that they were being cheated on or telling them to not cheat on their spouse. I wish someone had been willing to step forward and tell me the truth before those four critical times in my past.

Leave Peace



Peace I leave with you, My own peace give to you; a peace the world cannot give, this is My gift to you. Let not your hearts be troubled or afraid…(John 14:27)

Since Jesus tells us, even twice, that He gives us His peace, we believe that this peace is never taken away.  (Philippe, Page 14)